these are the moments I wait for
16. england. infp. call me bucky (she/her pronouns!)

anime + marvel + dishonored + bioware + squeenix + les mis + middle earth + rock music


hellodickspeight replied to your post: phylocalist replied to your post: i k…

actually they’re like insect/cyborg thingies that remind of spider and they are disgusting ew

oh god that’s even worse

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Gipsy Danger

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Modern Couture" Daniela De Jesus By Benjamin Kanarek For Elle Vietnam October 2014

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That moment when your father hides behind your boyfriend and your boyfriend hides behind you while watching a horror movie(^v^)

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phylocalist replied to your post: i kinda wanna see the maze runner but …

there are insect things bc those are like the main danger that exists there and they are described in the book as slug-like. haven’t seen the movie but just wanted to let you know.

well i guess i won’t be going to see it then welp

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i kinda wanna see the maze runner but im also v scared bc in the trailer it looked like there were a lot of insect things and I Don’t Do Well With Insects

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The libero is not just the guardian. He also encourages the team from behind.

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tell me i’m pretty

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A story told in three parts. oh mikorin, bless this child

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I tried to mix Koujaku and his allmate but I’m not very happy about the resuLT //sweats

I should try another design ;;

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make me choose | fieryelise asked: Columbia or Rapture? :)

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at the end of the day

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